in the middle of all things

in der mitte aller dinge

video, 10 min., 2013


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Material of the film is also used in Scanning installation.
The film utilizes etchings from my graphic edition.

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Lutz Harder
Tomas Spencer
Cinematography Nick Teplov
Emerson Culurgioni
Alexander Decker
Ilya Gubin
Johannes Krell
Sounddesign Vlad Petrov
Nick Teplov
Merle Kroeger
Meike Martens
Anne Deschka
Marcie K. Jost
Management Bettina Ellerkamp
Merle Kroeger
Meike Martens
Peter Zorn
Production Support Alexander Decker
Joerg Drefs
Equipment Camelot Broadcast Services GmbH,
Werkleitz Gesellschaft e.V.
Sound Mix Metrix Media GmbH:
Florian Marquardt
Color Grading & Mastering Digital Images GmbH, Halle:
Tim Kiessig

Professional Media Master Class
Werkleitz Gesellschaft