100 beautiful dead

see official site: www.100beautifuldead.com

with Dmitry Vorobyev, Friederike Meese, Soo-eun Lee, Markus Hoffmann, Vlad Petrov, Tatjana Ergunova, Martin Schied

In the framework of the «Year of Germany in Russia 2012/13»
Supported by Goethe-Institut
Creative Space «Tkachi», Saint-Petersburg, 2012

In last few years the city of Saint Petersburg lost hundreds of historical buildings. These houses were built in 18 and 19 centuries, many of them were considered architectural monuments. Now they are pronounced obsolete and untenable and demolished to be substituted with shopping malls, hotels and business centers... The 100 Beautiful Dead project is aimed to map and document the losses and to trace the posthumous existence of the buildings.

Punktum: Petersburg – Berlin

photography, mapping
with Dmitry Vorobyev, Friederike Meese

100 beautiful dead: the universal guide to cities

booklet: A2 folded 6 times, 2 colours, 100 perforations


designed by Nick Teplov, assistance by Dmitry Vorobyev

Promotion for the "100 beautiful dead" event in the actual project's environment

fragmentarisches Haus

with Friederike Meese, Vlad Petrov, Markus Hoffmann.
Window and door frames; audio installation by Vlad Petrov;
part of the "100 Beautiful Dead" performance scenery


100 plaster cast masks, video 3, 5' min