two highways

video, 26 min., 2008
with Alexander Markov

The guru of the Leningrad underground, Boris "Bob" Koshelokhov has come up with a plan to create one of the biggest works in the history of art: a 5000 square meter painting. The preparatory stages of his project are finished. Now it's a just a matter of finding a wall that's big enough...

directed by Alexander Markov & Nick Teplov
visual concept Nick Teplov
camera Mikhail Klyuev
editing & sound Vadim Teterin
computer graphics Nick Teplov, Vadim Teterin, Dmitry Groshikov
music and noises MONO(jp), Boris Filanovsky, Vlad Petrov, Ilya Seletsky
video footage Мaxim Katushkin, Nick Teplov, Alexander Markov, Kirill Kuzmichev
consultant & subtitles Thomas Campbell
with the support from Kirill Kuzmichev, Pavel Pavlovsky

additional interviews with art critics and Koshelokhov himself:

Thomas Campbell (Yale University), slavist and cultural critic
Ekaterina Andreeva, art historian
project in detail by Boris Koshelokhov

new books on Boris Koshelokhov are available through Anna Nova gallery!

Boris Koshelokhov official site

director's statement

Kontekst Gallery (Belgrade),
Message to Man (St. Petersburg),
Time to Live (St. Petersburg),
Open Cinema (St. Petersburg),
Mars Cafe (Des Moines, Iowa)
Stalker (Moscow),
Cinefest (Hungary),
DocPoint (Helsinki),
Directors Lounge (Berlin)
KunstFilmBiennale (Koeln)
Sheffield Doc/Fest (UK)
Loft Project Etagi (St. Petersburg)
ArtDocFest (Moscow)
Festival Temps D'images (Portugal)
Tirana International Film Festival (Albania)
Boomer Festival (Kharkov)

Prize for "Design solution in documentary" at "Open Cinema" movie festival (St. Petersburg)
Temps D'images / RTP2 Audience Award For Films On Art (Portugal).