Punktum: Petersburg – Berlin

100 color photographs, 50x40 cm.

Nick Teplov – photography,
Friederike Meese – creative and technical assistance,
Dmitriy Vorobjev – topography

The map of St. Petersburg is overlaid on the map of Berlin in 1:1 scale. 100 points in Petersburg, where historical buildings were once demolished, are correspondingly transferred onto the map of the German capital. Guided by the map of Petersburg the researcher visits 100 places in Berlin and marks them with a sign (a 140 cm plywood circle). Each photo is signed with a corresponding St. Petersburg address and accompanied with a picture of a missing building and short reference on history and current condition.
The project proposes a hypothesis of a vertical relation of world’s cities, which are connected on a archetypical level with each other and their common heavenly prototype.